Srixon Soft Feel – 5A


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Gain distance without sacrificing feel by playing Soft Feel Golf Balls. Designed to launch high with low spin, Soft Feel Golf Balls feature a highly resilient, 71-compression core for distance and feel. An improved 344 Speed Dimple® pattern with Aero Dimple design reduces drag while promoting penetrating trajectory. Suitable for any skill level and all swing speeds, Srixon® Soft Feel Golf Balls provide the performance needed for success.


  • Designed to launch high with low spin to create exceptional distance and control
  • Highly resilient, 71-compression super soft core provides exceptional distance and feel
  • Improved 344 Aero Power Dimple design delivers a penetrating trajectory with higher lift force
  • 344 Speed Dimple™ Pattern creates maximum surface coverage for reduced drag
  • Unique “Hit Straight” alignment arrow promotes target focus and greater accuracy
  • High Moment of Inertia leads to greater accuracy on off-center shots
  • 2-piece construction designed to blend distance and feel
  • Suitable for golfers of any skill level and all swing speeds
  • Designed to generate a mid-high driver launch angle
  • Pure White cover color for enhanced visibility
  • 12-Pack
  • Srixon

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